We Also Repair Pumps and Motors

Bill’s Pump & Motor Repairs can repair (or replace) your recreational pool or hot tub pump. We also are experienced with sewage pumps and well pumps, so that you can prevent water contamination or backflow issues.

Our company has a separate shop dedicated to serving pumps and motors of all makes. We are also an authorized dealer of Saniflo products.


Motors and water pump repairs at home can be necessary if you run into problems with your hot tub or pool. At Bill’s Pump and Motor Repair, we understand that you want to get the most from your investment in your recreational water system.

That’s why Bill’s Pump and Motor Repair has a separate, full-service pump and motor repair shop in Oshawa, so we are ready to meet your pump and motor needs in Oshawa as well as Durham region. We are an authorized dealer for Saniflo and provide repair services for all makes.

We’ll try our hardest to repair your existing system, but sometimes, things are beyond repair. In the unlikely event that this happens, our team will happy to recommend you a new pump system that meets your needs.

Sewage Pumps & Well Pumps

For people whose homes are on their own water system, we can inspect your well pumps and sewage pumps. Our goal is for you to never have to deal with contaminated water or nasty sewage back-ups.

Call us now if you’re experiencing issues and we will gladly provide you with motor and water pump services in Oshawa and Durham region.