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Air conditioning repair and installation services in Oshawa

Air Conditioning Ontario
Air Conditioning Service Ontario

A lot of people mistakenly see air conditioning as a luxury, but with temperatures in the Durham Region frequently reaching heights of 35 degrees Celsius or greater during the summer months, that is quickly becoming a hard argument to make. You probably need air conditioning, and you need to know that it will cool every room you need it to and that it won’t fail you in the middle of a heat wave. Air conditioning is just as vital as the heating and ventilation aspects of an HVAC system, and it is important to make an informed choice about what kind of system is best for your home or business.

Our HVAC services include the repair and installation of the following systems

Forced-Air System

The dominant type of air conditioning is the forced-air system, in which air that has been cooled at a central point in the building is circulated throughout the entire structure in built-in air ducts. The result is a building with a very consistent healthy temperature that can be raised or lowered across all rooms with the press of a button. Forced-air is a convenient and powerful system that comes bundled in many new homes, but it is not without its drawbacks. It is very good at cooling an entire home, but it does not allow you to easily regulate the temperature in individual rooms, leaving you wasting energy and money cooling rooms that you are not using. It is also very challenging to install in older homes that were not built to accommodate it, making the procedure time-consuming and expensive. Having this type of system can often be a selling point in residential buildings, though, so that’s something to keep in mind if you are considering selling or renting out the home you are renovating.

Duct-free Split Air Conditioning System

Duct-free split system air conditioning is the other significant type of cooling infrastructure a building might have. Its main distinguishing feature is that, as the name suggests, it doesn’t use any kind of interior duct network. Instead, it cools a single room with two separate pieces of equipment. The first part sits outside the structure, and removes the heat built up in the room; the second part does the actual cooling from within the targeted room. The two are connected with discreet refrigerant lines that don’t require much accommodation, and the indoor half can be hidden in the ceiling if you prefer to minimize clutter. Overall, it’s almost as simple a solution as a portable window unit, but far less invasive, less likely to provide an entry point for insects, and does not need to be removed once the warm season is over. This kind of air conditioning system might also appeal to someone with little money to spare, as it allows you to keep only the most frequently used spaces in your home or building at a comfortable temperature. This means that you and the other occupants of the space will almost never have to suffer the heat for more than short periods of time, and you’ll be paying a fair amount less than you would if you cooled the entire building.

Whichever of these air conditioning units you would prefer to use, we can help you install and maintain it. Contact us to speak to one of our HVAC professionals about what we can do to bring a pleasant chill to your summer days. We also offer a range of heating services and plumbing services at Clarke Plumbing.

Contact our air conditioning repair contractors in Oshawa for more information about our HVAC services today.

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